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AI innovation research and experimental project aimed at exploring a new and advanced AI application and concept.

Thinks & Ideas

What We Want

This is a conceptualization of future artificial intelligence products and designs. We hope to design a product that we believe is forward-thinking, groundbreaking, adaptable to various scenarios, and highly intelligent for the future, before the advent of true general artificial intelligence (AGI). We also aim to stimulate interest among like-minded individuals through intriguing ideas, to advance the development and implementation of AI together.

Researchs & Explorations

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A cutting-edge and sci-fi artificial intelligence operating system, applied to home and home life. Individuals can interact with the system through real-time intelligent language, make plans, automatically complete tasks, or arrange daily life plans. Owners can interact in real time through touch screens such as televisions, mirrors, or glass, or display highly sci-fi user interfaces.


Open-Source AI Models


Efficiency Improvements


Application Scenarios

Future Vision


AI Private Butler

Intelligent display

Magic Glass

Magic Glass

A fully transparent glass intelligent display can be a TV, mirror, or any size of glass. Users can instantly perceive the sci-fi user interface and perform real-time touch or spatial body operations, achieving seamless interaction between humans and home intelligent agents.



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