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We are an AI innovation research and experimental project aimed at exploring a new and advanced AI application and concept.

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This is a conceptualization of future artificial intelligence products and designs. We hope to design a product that we believe is forward-thinking, groundbreaking, adaptable to various scenarios, and highly intelligent for the future, before the advent of true general artificial intelligence (AGI). We also aim to stimulate interest among like-minded individuals through intriguing ideas, to advance the development and implementation of AI together.

Researchs & Explorations

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From the outset, we aim to rethink the value of AI, enabling artificial intelligence to integrate into both work and home environments as a fully intelligent assistant, assisting with daily tasks and work routines, facilitated by an AI entity equipped with a genuinely intelligent brain.


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AIOS 1.0

Design & Build Real AGI

Passionate Team

The Creative Minds Behind INONX AI

The Creative Minds Behind INONX AI

We are a startup team, formed by a group of bored friends, including: product managers, UI designers, programmers, and so on. Our initial idea was simple: to utilize our spare time to collectively explore and experiment, in order to realize our vision for the future of AI.

We have a relatively deep understanding of the AI field, with at least 5 years of study and exploration, including intelligent hardware, machine automation, and popular AI models like Chat GPT. We are familiar with the current status and trends of AI, but we aim to take a step further by integrating a more diverse range of AI models (multimodal) and combining them with real-world applications to accelerate the progress of AI towards AGI.


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