Exploring cutting-edge AI technologies and their application scenarios

Exploration Of General Large AI Models

Through research and exploration of prominent AI large models worldwide, we hope to extract valuable, practical applications, and, relying on our cutting-edge design concepts, create intriguing product and interface designs.

Machine Learning

As the core and foundation of AI, involves deep neural networks, decision algorithms, visual recognition, and more. It simulates or implements human learning behavior to acquire new knowledge or skills, reorganizing existing knowledge structures to continuously improve its performance.

Automation Processing and Assistant

AI automation represents the ultimate manifestation of future artificial intelligence, capable of deep understanding and flawless execution of any task. This manifests in practical scenarios as multiple machine assistants or butlers, assisting humans in completing the majority of daily tasks and affairs.

Advanced & Creative Visual Design

The era of AI will usher in different product and interface visual designs, which need to align with the consensus and synchronized understanding between humans and machines. These designs should be transparent and capable of automatic optimization during task execution. We also need to explore how to establish more forward-thinking visual designs.

Advanced intelligent agents and robots

The advanced artificial intelligence brain serving humanity possesses human-like consciousness and wisdom, even surpassing that of humans. As the pinnacle of intelligence, it can command all connectable entities, including smart hardware, smart homes, and future advanced intelligent robots.


Artificial intelligence security is a necessary guarantee for machines serving humanity, requiring the establishment of comprehensive isolation and control mechanisms. Data security, privacy security, and boundary awareness all necessitate more robust protection systems.

Large Model We Are Studying

Open AI
ChatGPT & Dall-E

Bard & Gemini





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